All four Schools of Innocent Hearts organized independece day

To celebrate Independence Day all four Schools of Innocent Hearts organized various activities for a week. All the students were dipped in the Patriotic fervour. The students of Innocent Hearts, Green Model Town, Loharan and Cantt. – Jandiala Road and Royal World International took part in the activities enthusiastically. Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition “Mere Bharat Ki Mitti Tujhe Naman” was conducted for the students of class I and II. The creativity and Patriotic zeal of the students of Art Club was remarkable in Drawing and Colouring Competition. The students of class IX selected the speech of their favourite celebrity and spell bound the audience in Inter House Speech Delivery Competition.

The teachers explained the meaning of freedom to the students in the classes and motivated them to salute the martyrs of the nation. To salute the bravery and patriotism of the freedom fighters a patriotic movie “Bhagat Singh” was shown to the students of Class VII. Every Year School Celebrates Patriotic Week to inspire the students to salute the National Flag and respect the Independence of the nation.

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